Nurture and nursing

The word of the day is "nurture".  Maria Shriver said it tody, but I have been thinking about this.  It came up, as I recall, in the conversation about creation of jobs, and it reminded me that it is important to think of nurturing a lot of things -- like jobs, like companies, like the health care system, like the economy.  And it came up in the context of Shriver and her team releasing a major report on the situation of women in the U.S. of 2009.

It's all about deeds

I'm using the word "deed" in recognition of the polysemy.  Deeds can mean purposeful (even heroic) actions.  Deeds can also be documents of ownership.

I am in the process of posting a web of concepts and ideas, which I think of as the framework for my own intellectual capital.  I hope that this will be helpful, and that over time there may be some merging of this material with the thoughts and experiences of others. 

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