Welcome to Enterprisology

Welcome to this site for the study of enterprise in all its forms and dimensions.  One should look at this site as an organized repository for practitioners (consultants, architects, etc.)  -- not full of answers and prescriptions but rather a framework to generate questions. I present many ways to think about enterprises along with guidance as to when and how to address certain subjects.  I am putting this all forward as a gift of sorts. Not everyone will resonate with this.  Not many, actually.  But for those few who do, welcome!    

I have adopted "enterprisology", a little known and seldom used word, to signify the study of all aspects of enterprise.  I use it in place of terms like "business architecture" and "enterprise architecture" whose definitions are much in dispute, and where even the term architecture is divergently defined and used among practitioners and scholars.  I also introduce the term "enterprisography" (the ways of recording the results of enterprise studies).  The enterprisography section contains the main content of this site.

The views here are strictly those of Doug McDavid, not past, present, or future employers.  There's more about me here