Information resource

Information resources represent the kinds of things that can be known by the individuals and organizations in the enterprise.  What does it mean for an organization to know something?  It means that it has stored data (physical or electronic), or that its member individuals know it.  This is the distinction between recorded and mental resources.

It is really at the subtype level that we can see how different categories of information resources are actually related to other patterns in this ontology.  This includes how information types are interrelated with each other in interesting ways.  The types shown here, while numerous, are not exhaustive, and information-intensive enterprises tend to expand on this pattern in interesting ways.  A few sample relationships from specific types of information resources to other concepts in the ontology are shown.  Again, this is illustrative, rather than exhaustive.

Figure 16
Primary functions of information resources are to record events and control processes.  Information resources are highly dependent on how they are structured by relationships.