The field of business ontology is a big subject, and is we have barely scratched the surface here.  The set of concept patterns presented here is changing constantly.  It will continue to change and evolve, based on application to more and different enterprises in different industries.

This whole framework of generic semantic patterns is meant to be used for structuring actual business terminology.  Terms found in use in specific businesses will challenge and extend the structure of these concepts.  At the same time, specific terms will not necessarily be found that match all the categories in this ontology.  Some of the higher-level categories (relationship, location, resource, etc.) exist more as mental placeholders, than as direct linkage to specific terminology.

If successful, this set of business concept patterns will prove useful in the endeavor to create meaningful business information systems.  It is presented in the spirit of exploration, and the reader is encouraged to modify, extend, and use it, and then share the results.