Sense and Respond

Scattered around this site pointers to Steve Haeckel's web site for Sense & Respond. I am partial to this work because it makes a lot of sense and it is grounded in systems thinking.  Here is my take on S&R, and why it is important.

Steve Haeckel spent his career in IBM.  He spent most of that time in positions that got him involved in strategies and long-term initiatives.  He observed that as the pace of business picked up, the five- and ten-year plans became less and less relevant.  Conditions were changing too quickly, so that there became a need for more flexible intent, which could more closely match the outcomes and effects of the enterprise with the current situation.

S&R is juxtaposed to a make and sell approach.  The make and sell approach relies on prediction of what customers will want, and it hopes to be predictive about those wants.  "Customers will want more of what they have already bought."  "Customers will want what we want them to want because they are captive to our offerings."  When those kinds of statements are not true, the make and sell approach is a killer, and not in a good way.

A nice summary is provided by this picture: