This article is organized into the following sections:

  • Purpose of a business system architecture - This section discusses the purpose of an architectural view of business and how it is used.  It also defines what is meant by a business system architecture in the context of an overall architecture semantic framework, as well as criteria for inclusion of a concept in this particular document.
  • Business concepts - A set of generic concepts and their interrelationships organized into the following three sections.
    • Requirements on the business - The set of concepts that represent relationships of the business to the world at large, which impose requirements on it as a business system.
    • Boundary of the business - The set of concepts that deal with business boundaries and trans-boundary agreements
    • The business delivery system - The set of concepts that provide understanding of how the business delivers value by keeping its commitments.
  • Sources and representations of variability - A discussion of business terminology as the source of variations on basic business concepts for individual businesses, as well as an overview of methods for representing detailed business information in the form of models.
  • Relation to IT architecture - Points of intersection between concepts in the business architecture and concepts in the IT system architecture description standard.