It's all about deeds

I'm using the word "deed" in recognition of the polysemy.  Deeds can mean purposeful (even heroic) actions.  Deeds can also be documents of ownership.

I am in the process of posting a web of concepts and ideas, which I think of as the framework for my own intellectual capital.  I hope that this will be helpful, and that over time there may be some merging of this material with the thoughts and experiences of others. 

For now, this is providing a structure for the deeds of myself and others who can benefit from it. Yes, it might be possible to try put this in a book and try to sell the content itself. But, over the years, I have come to believe that it is the service action that accomplishes value production, where some problem or desire is satisfied.

It is another long and interesting subject about how this value can be captured and realized in some tangible form other than hourly wages.  The key is that the performance of these services can be recognized as a form of capital.  A "deed" to the value created by ones deeds is an elegant way to look at this, although I have no intent to implement such a system here.

Regarding knowledge-based services, doing is the key, not the mere having of content.