Slywotzky's Patterns

Adrian Slywotzky has made a significant contribution to the subject of business models through his writings and consulting.  The simple way to to summarize this work is with the phrase "profit pattern".  This is a good way to think about business models.  In this case we are using "business model" in the sense of "the key structures, relationships, and processes we use to make profit", or "how we make money around here".

This theme is examined in powerful patterns with examples of firms that have exhibited and succeeded with these patterns.  The one I always think of first is the exchange pattern, where e.g. Charles Schwab makes moeny on transactions, no matter which direction markets are moving.

It would be interesting to Slywotzky's insight together with the more Gen Y sensibilities of Business Model Generation.  Slywotxky wrote commentary that was included in Steve Hackel's Adaptive Enterprise.  The key thing here is that the profit patterns, possibly refined by other techniques can play well together with Haeckel's Sense and Respond style of management structure, which should assure that today's profit patterns are adaptive to the perceived desires of customers.