Basic Business Functions

This is a section where for the basic (traditional) business functional view.  These are areas where most businesses have departments, or outsource to experts.  This section simply borrows the 12 high level process areas of the APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF).  This list is not elaborated here, since it and similar lists are well documented elsewhere.  It is duplicated here to contrast this standard functional views with other areas that we focus on.

1.0 Develop Vision and Strategy2.0 Develop and Manage Products and Services 
3.0 Market and Sell Products and Services 
4.0 Deliver Products and Services 
5.0 Manage Customer Service 
6.0 Develop and Manage Human Capital 
7.0 Manage Information Technology 
8.0 Manage Financial Resources 
9.0 Acquire, Construct, and Manage Assets 
10.0 Manage Enterprise Risk, Compliance, and Resiliency 
11.0 Manage External Relationships 
12.0 Develop and Manage Business Capabilities