Business Commitment

Business commitments comprise the glue that binds businesses and other organizations at their boundaries.  A business commitment is the result of an agreement between business parties, or role-players.  Business commitments may be binding, contractual agreements, or they may be more informal.

Meaningful business commitments support the various levels of business purpose.  Business commitments are binding on the role-players who are party to them.  They mandate certain outcomes that are to be produced by the business.  As a result, commitments govern business behavior.  Commitments have a strong recursive element which says that agreements are composed of more granular agreements such as terms and conditions, conditions of fulfillment, and conditions of satisfaction.
It is important for information system development for us to understand the types and extent of business commitments in the business at hand.  In some cases these commitments are the heart and substance of much of the information system functionality.  The clearest example is that of an insurance company, whose very product, the insurance policy, is nothing more or less than a set of contractual commitments.  Much of the architectural structure, and the partitioning of work, can be driven by an understanding of the business commitments.