Architectures of Wellbeing -- TMTC Journal of Management - 2012




This article starts from the premise that enterprises exist to support human wellbeing, defined as fulfillment of human desires.   Enterprises, as complex human social systems, consist of people with their own desires, supporting constituencies composed of people equally driven by their desires.  We focus on the architectures of such systems for purposes of both understanding and design.  We seek to transcend the architectures of information technology, and models of standardized operational processes.  We introduce a wide variety of useful views of the enterprise as producer of wellbeing.  Notably we focus on a view called “institutional architecture”, based on the belief that we are moving into an Age of the Human Institution, a period of history that follows and builds on the current age of information and communications technology.  This article concludes with a brief discussion of how this framework applies to enterprises from their earliest life-cycle stages.  

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