The viewpoint of business intent covers the range from the overall business model of the enterprise (how we make money) to operational goals and objectives.  The other aspects of the business (including IT), can be evaluated in terms of how they support, or do not support, specific aspects of intent.


  • desires
  • opportunities
  • decisions
  • goals
  • objectives
  • messages
  • communications


The purpose of understanding business intent is to focus attention on and account for the motivating force that is behind business actions and decisions.

  • Descriptive - It is helpful for business leaders and managers to know how their enterprise is being steered by various intentions throughout the organization and with its stakeholders and interactors in the marketplace.
  • Prescriptive - There are many prescriptions for, e.g., how people can reach consensus on goals and objectives for the enterprise. 
  • Predictive - Intent is seemingly one of the least predictable aspects of business.  Yet, there are factors and patterns of factors that would point to predictable desires and intentions on the part of business people.  For instance, in a recessive economy it is predictable that business leaders will focus on the goal of cost-cutting.