This site is "maintained" by Doug McDavid.  This is a place for me to express and further organize the perspective on enterprises that I have gained over the course of a long and varied career.  These ideas are not filtered through a particular employer or client, conference or journal referees.  Just the straight scoop!

I coach, consult and teach, and I would love to meet with anyone about these ideas, in person or on-line. Contact me at dougmcdavid@gmail.com  My coaching and/or consulting rate is variable, based on the "where and the what" about the work

At the bottom of this page I've posted a couple of standard CVs (resumes).  Just below is a link to a page where I'm exploring a story form of business resume.

CV Stories

Here's more about me.

LinkedIn -- Be sure to click through to my complete profile, which I try to maintain as my situation evolves.

Standard CV -- probably needs to be updated -- newer version available on request.

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