Brand architecture

There is a branch of marketing devoted to study of brands. People in that discipline use the term “brand architecture”. This is a key viewpoint for the architecture of enterprise sociality. Brand “reflects the extent to which the brand spans product categories, subcategories, and markets,”  and addresses the scope of a given brand in relation to other company brands, as well as its relation to competitor brands and portfolios. To a significant extent, technology is used as a means to make the business system visible to those that would interact with it.

•    Elements: portfolio, brands, sub-brands, product-market offerings, co-brands, other firms, portfolio role (Strategic Brand, Branded Energizer, etc.), relationship of brands within the portfolio (Brand Groupings, Hierarchies, and Network Models.)
•    Types: Corporate branding, individual branding
•    Sociality: Branding is one area of enterprise that is deeply psychological. A brand is intended to attract individuals to interact with the enterprise. This is a complex social form, mediated by products and services in the marketplace.