Social bonds

Intrinsic to understanding enterprise sociality is an architecture from the viewpoint of social bonds themselves. Of the types of bonds available to humans, there is variable acceptability in the context of enterprise. The most pervasive is still today probably power relationship. This is a complex topic, deserving of its own treatment, but the basic relationship in most enterprises is that of employer and employee, extended through limited power sharing to that of boss and subordinate. In the regime of enterprising sociality we expect to see more emphasis on other types of social bonds, especially where they can coexist with acceptable levels of the power relationship.

•    Elements: bond, role-players, emotion, desire, purpose, preferences (utilitarian, aesthetic, ethical), image of self, image of other, attraction, trust, characteristics, experience, capabilities
•    Types: power, friendship, collegiality, sexual, dependence
•    Sociality: This is the heart of sociality.