Meaning, or enterprise semanticarchitecture cuts across these other architectures. It is a way of exploring what people really talk about and worry about within the context of their shared enterprising. These issues call for a separation of concepts from the language that is used to express the concepts. This is a very tricky matter, and is the key issue for effective analysis and positive intervention in the affairs of communities seeking improved communication, coordination, or collaboration. The problem is that as human beings, we really only have one way to express concepts to each other, and that is through language of one kind or another. So that the minute we try to separate concepts from language, we find ourselves using language again to express the concepts that we are trying to isolate. It is possible to do this, and there have been techniques developed specifically for this purpose, but it is beyond our scope to go into detail.

•    Elements: concepts, terms, definitions, lexical relationships, logic
•    Types: folksonomies, tagging, ontology language, database, glossary
•    Sociality: The architecture of enterprise meaning is fundamental to understanding issues of sociality. Everything expressed within the enterprise is expressed in language. The lack of commonly understood languages is a well-understood limitation to effective enterprise sociality.