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We have covered a lot of territory here, from global socio-economic forces shaping the nature of enterprise, to architectural views of the social nature of enterprise and socially supportive ICT, to a brief and limited discussion of how these architectural views can be used to understand and design socio-technical systems that have desired properties and successful adaptations to the marketplace. 

We have tried to convey a sense of the dynamic nature of the ongoing coevolution of social enterprise and technology. We can also observe the impact on enterprising social structures through the introduction of technologies. This clearly highlights the complex accountability assumed by the inventor, the designer, the creator, the acquirer, the installer the maintainer, and the user of the ICT components of the enterprise. This calls forth a need to assume responsibility for those results as they impact the individuals and organizations involved in enterprise.

We see that trends of complex global problems, the Synergy phase of it ICT long wave economic cycle, and an increased emphasis on the services paradigm for enterprise are converging, and that the importance and complexity of this domain will lead to significant opportunities for innovative employment arrangements and wealth creation.